For enrolment with FosterSoccer programs please read the conditions, etc., and complete the form below.

After successful registration  you'll be directed to proceed to payments - please ignore if not appropriate (for example LMFC Veterans Day Fundraiser).

FosterSoccer - Registration Form

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As parent/guardian of the above player, I certify that he/she is in excellent health and has no physical, mental or emotional problems that maybe likely to prevent participation in strenuous physical play at soccer camp, clinic or matches. I agree to hold harmless FosterSoccer LLC and it's agents and employees and hereby release them from any liability on account of injury sustained during such participation and certify that he/she is covered by medical insurance which will reimburse FosterSoccer LLC for expenses incurred by them, their agents and employees on account of medical procedures ordered at their discretion and also indemnify them from any expenses not reimbursed by such insurance. I give consent for my child/player to be photographed, videotaped or filmed while participating in the clinic/camp/game and or resulting images to be used by FosterSoccer LLC for educational and promotional purposes. By Checking the box below, I acknowledge I have read, understood and agree with the above stat ements.