PERU 2019

After a successful first trip, I’m very excited to confirm a second charity visit to Peru in April 2019. Last year we visited a remote community at 15,000ft in the Andes where we ran a soccer camp, gave each child a soccer ball and donated some much needed school and medical supplies as well as clothing. Here are videos from the trip last year:
We learnt a lot about and from the community we visited and the needs of the children and their families. For the return trip our plan is to donate the following to the school & children :

  • 2 Pairs of sandals per child (Some have to walk 3hrs each way to school)

  • 1 School Backpack per child

  • 1 Soccer Ball per child

  • 1 Sun Hat per child (the sun rays are powerful and many of the children suffer from constant sun burn on their cheeks)

  • 1 Solar Powered Lantern per child for their home (many families do not have electricity)

  • School Playground equipment – swings, see-saw etc…

  • School Supplies

  • There are 215 children in the school

I wanted to again thank you for your amazing support on the first trip. We are now looking to raise funds for our return in April 2019.
The children and their families welcomed us to their community and made our stay very special and they are looking forward to our return visit in April 2019.
Below is the link to the Futbol for Kids Peru 2019 page where you can learn more about our return trip and to donate.
Many Thanks, Ben Foster,

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